Monday, May 30, 2011


We are now officially in full swing of winter, yikes. I live in a very old house which is beautiful, although freezing cold.
To conserve energy I'm wearing a mimco rastafarian style hat around the house. You can store so much heat in the head which spirals down to the body. Now I know why my boyfriend wears a beanie all through winter! I'm also making raw hot chocolate with date molasses by the bucket load.
But today it's all about turmeric, a few close people to me are down with the flu, not just any ordinary flu but a serious influenza that goes on for at least a fortnight. So I'm in my kitchen at lunch today chopping up fresh organic turmeric, garlic and ginger to make a super nutritional slow cooked asian hotpot, recipe will be up later in the week, hopefully by then the sun will be out so I can shoot in my kitchen which is all dark and gloomy from the rain.
Here is the low down on the magical turmeric:
Can be used as a delicious tonic (warm drink) taken with fresh lime and raw honey, can be grated raw into salads, used on steamed vegetables with organic flaxseed oil and lemon. Great in stir-fries, and my friend Dr Chris recommends a ratio of good fat and either black pepper or cayenne pepper to achieve it's full medicinal properties.
It's used as a power antioxidant and also to fight tumors of any kind. I use it in cooking in the cooler months to boost immunity and for optimal health. Buy some today!

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