Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Eating in America


3.5 weeks later I have returned from an amazing and inspiring whirlwind tour of San Fran, New York and lastly Honululu (for r and r and prosurfer at pipleline ooglin)

What a trip!

After eating out at restaurants, I was slightly worried I may have lost my touch in the kitchen. But alas 4 day's back and I have cooked for a client and created 3 new recipes which I will post.

The higlights of my trip

1. Visiting ferry farmer markets in san fran
2. Eating clam chowder ( i know so touirsty but delicious) - see funny photo of me with the live crabs; poor little darlings
3. Meeting my new mentor and the wonderful rebecca katz
4. Eating at herbivore in mission san fran
5. Learning to deconstruct a menu (thanks rebecca) and ask the waiter for what I really want (always a fear because I know what happens in the back of house ie kitchen.
6. New York New York Vegan baking at Natural Gourmet Institute with baking goddess Fran.
7. Eating at Angelica's kitchen
8. Discovering Cleanplates new yorks (healthy tasty guide t manhattan) - Hanging out in the village eating shopping, eating shopping.
9. Falling in love wth great mexican food at Chipotle.
10. Grassfed burgers everywhere..
11. Wholefoods, so great so many cool things
12. Just simpley being in new york I love this city.
13. Pumpkin Pie in Brooklyn.
14. Helicopter ride over manhattan whoooo
15. Hawaii - crazy fusion food that really works and explodes in your mouth
16. North Shore pipleine masters - wow whoo.

Please mail me for food details if you heading to any of these cities I really hit the ground running and did a lot of research.

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