Thursday, March 3, 2011

Harissa chickpea burgers with alaskan salmon, coriander and mint

These burgers came about after a conversation with my friend Michal as I was explaining my dilemma in creating a menu for a bunch of childcare centres here in Sydney. She asked me what about fish balls ? Michal is Israeli Jewish and has the special culinary skills to to turn anything into a tasty ball of some kind. So here is my creation on a budget potentially for a child but definitely for an adult. I threw together a salad of mixed greens, mung beans and cherry tomatoes from my garden and just simply dressed with red wine vinegar and bio dynamic olive oil.

1 tin of chickpeas (for quickness)
1 tablespoon harissa (recipe on this blog)
1 tablespoon Celtic sea salt (the special ingredient they are quiet salty)
1 tin paramount Alaskan red salmon
2 eggs
1/2 cup sourdough organic breadcrumbs
handfuls of fresh coriander and mint

Throw all these ingredients except the eggs into a food processor
Pulse so that the ingredients are mixed well but not mush (very important)
Transfer the mixture from the bowl into a larger bowl and add the 2 beaten eggs
The mixture should be wet but not sloppy
now mould into patties and fry in a little organic ghee or coconut oil or if you prefer bake in the oven for 20 minutes on 170 degrees.


  1. yes Belinda I love this suggestion for children I will use this in my cooking classes in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program in Hobart...the rest of the recipes on this page look beaut too.

  2. hello thanks for the feedback and happy cooking!

  3. Great blog Belinda! What's it like being a personal chef?

  4. Hey JessThanks so much I just read a beautiful article you wrote in living now magazine I loved it! being a personal chef is really fun I feel like I make a difference in my client's homes by inspiring them with real food and good nutrition.

  5. Hi Love this recipe but my child is allergic to egg is there anything i can use as a substitute?

  6. Hey Mel,
    No problems just omit the egg and it will still bind well with the other ingredients.