Monday, March 28, 2011

Biodynamic brown rice, broccoli, steamed tempeh and tamari

The simplest meals are often the most nourishing and nutritious and I really enjoyed creating this dish for a quick lunch.
When I was vegan I ate tempeh by the truckloads now I eat animal products I don't feature it much in my culinary tool box. I have found the most delicious way to prepare it is steaming.

You can steam it for 15 minutes in a steamer basket, it becomes very moist and has a strong flavour. Tempeh originates in Indonesia and is a fermented soy product, it is more preferable than tofu because it is fermented it digests better and is rich in b12 and protein for plant based eaters.

First I cooked the rice, then steamed the tempeh, adding the broccoli right at the end so it is bright and crunch, I made a little sauce with tamari, grated ginger and a little of spiral cold pressed sesame seed oil, pouring it over at the end.

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  1. I have to agree with you: since eating meat again, I too haven't featured much tempeh in my diet.. You've inspired me. Will definitely buy some tomorrow. Yum!