Thursday, January 20, 2011

Red salmon curry with broccoli, spinach dashi broth and brown rice

This recipe is very easy and contains dense nutrition it is cooked like a Chinese hotpot and I created it for my friend's son Sid who is on the autism spectrum, my friend she wanted to get a new fish recipe which was also dairy and gluten free that would give sid lots of essential fatty acids and good fats so there is organic ghee in here too. This recipe will help with providing stable energy and also help with his learning and cognitive function. We added the broccoli and spinach for extra folic acid and to bump up his vegetable intake. The dashi broth is what really brings out the flavour and denseness in this dish. Sid loves salmon so I was happy to make this dish for him he really loved it and it easy for his mum and grandmother to prepare.

1 large salmon fillet (skin off) 450-500g cut into 2cm cubes
1/2 head broccoli florets cut small
4 large spinach leaves
2 cups dashi stock ( I get mine from always organics in brookvale) and it is a spiral macrobiotic food product
1/2 brown onion (omit if pregnant)
2 tablespoons organic red curry paste
1 tablespoon ghee


Saute the onion in the ghee until clear, add the curry paste and stir around until fragrant, add the broccoli and spinach and then the stock, cook for 5-7 minutes so the greens are still crisp, lastly add the salmon and cook quickly for 2 minutes so the salmon is very soft.

Also serve with a grain, we had brown rice and it was perfect.

Serves 4

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