Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blue mackerel with peanut satay and spring salad

This is lunch from the weekend, I purchased the mackerel whole so had to gut and fillet it (something I learned from my dad when I was a kid). It's pretty simple, and I cheated using a spiral foods organic satay sauce (which is delicious and contains real ingredients) the salad composed of organic rocket from the markets, yellow tomatoes, cucumber and cucumber with sheep's feta.

I gently fried the mackerel is a small saute pan in coconut oil and then smothered in peanut satay sauce and added some crunch with black sesame seeds.

Apparently mackerel are flighty to catch and the fish monger told me he only gets them in when its not windy at sea.

I like them because they are oily, an excellent source of protein, magnesium and have high levels of vitamin d, omega 3 and essential fatty acids and also a fish thats cheap as chips! It's popular in Northern Europe to smoke them and eat for breakfast.

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