Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rye sourdough french toast with fresh passionfruit

Organic rye sourdough bread is the secret to this recipe, I got mine from bourke st bakery sister/brother bakery in neutral bay. Now don't kill me but it doesn't appear to have a name on the bakery and is in the back lane in neutral bay. Anyhow they make very good organic sourdough that's really sour and chewy just like it should be! This recipe was made on the fly with the rye sourdough, it compliments the egg and passion fruit I also ate with a splash of pure Canadian maple syrup. Great breakfast if your need something a little sweet and also has protein with the egg. I used oat milk instead of regular cow milk and it was yum.

2-4 pieces of fresh sourdough sliced medium
2 biodynamic eggs
1 cup oat milk
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
passion fruit or banana or whatever you have in the fruit bowl
splash maple syrup
Organic ghee or extra virgin coconut oil (I use oil4life doesn't go rancid the best I can find)

In a bowl whisk the eggs, oat milk and cinnamon until mixed well, start with one piece of bread and dip in bowl and leave for a few minutes until its soggy. Meanwhile heat a skillet/fry pan and gently melt the fat (either ghee or coconut oil) when it has melted put in your first piece of bread, now the trick is to turn heat up a little so it crisps and is golden but still moist, turnover the first piece of bread after 3 minutes and follow dipping the other pieces of bread and repeat cooking all pieces until golden.
Plate up and add sweet and healthy condiments

Serves 1 - 2 (2 pieces per person)

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