Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ethical Food Sources...

I have been working in the organic food movement (in various situations) for over 8 years now, but lately have been wanting to deeper explore the connection between farm to plate and really get to know my suppliers food sources.

As a chef, teacher and educator it is paramount for me to know how my produce was grown, and what organic farming practices are being used. Not many people buying organic produce (as there is so much hype around 'organic' these day's) think about the fact that there organic strawberries may have been on the back of a truck from somewhere in victoria for 3 days and this makes them 1. very expensive 2. they lose there energetic and life force properties 3. not very sustainable practice , really c'mon.

I want to cook with lamb that has been loved and cared for, feed homeopathics not antibiotics and has played in the paddock. I want to know how the farmer has treated his livestock and what kind of conditions the animals lived in and I want to always purchase biodynamic produce and dairy over organic as the farming practices are based on harmonious sustainable soil care. The soil is so beautiful and healthy I know because I have worked on a biodynamic farm and tasted the aliveness in this way of farming. Each bite is heaven. And the land management is more respectful for mother earth.

Feather and Bone

Not all organic farming is ethical, and this I believe should be a priority over certification.

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